When making a kivy app for Android I came across some issues and while I informed the kivy devs I just put them here also just in case I need them later 🙂

Just follow the manual for packaging for Android.
First of all when you install the dependencies you must use python-pip iso pip.
When building the python binary I had problems with the httplib module which did have https support.
This what adb logcat told me:
I/python (19347): your version of httplib doesn’t support HTTPS

As it turned out the order in which you build the various modules matter.
So when building the Python binary you must use the order.
Put C lib first, then python lib, then kivy.
eg ./distribute.sh -m “sqlite3 libxml2 pyopenssl pil kivy”

Now there’s HTTPS support.

When you still haven’t HTTPS support try to clean the python4android git tree.
git clean -dxf

More android specific stuff I encountered:
To write to the filesystem use CWD/.kivy/….
sys.platform is on android ‘linux3’ (GNU/Linux is ‘linux2’)